Post Number Thirteen – 06 April 2012 – Elaboration & Insight On The DCFR & Revised Russian Civil Code As Prospective Lex Mercatoria

Having ventured out the proverbial tree limb, I am pleased to find others on the Web interested in some of these legal themes. For one, the ever astute blogger, Professor Lawrence B. Solum (Georgetown Law, Washington, DC has pointed me to the equally able collective at ( where Professor Jan H. Dalhuisen of  King’s College in London is guest blogging (see

Dalhuisen’s opinion are rather critical of the products of heavily academic led codes such as the DCFR. In his experience they greatly lag behind the needs of the real world business marketplace. This is timely food for thought for the Russian State Duma although the February text, for example, in the sphere of intellectual property rights took no initiative  to address “au courant ” issues such as business method and software protection. As regards the former, Canada has just joined the USA and Japan and begun to grant business method patent protection when a technology linkage is demonstrated (see


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